There is a web site called Trader DNA:

From their home page:
quote: rise to an understanding of electronic trader behavior is new and we term it "trader psychometrics." Trader psychometrics is the study and quantification of electronic trader behavior...
I have never tried this software or service but would love to hear from someone who knows more about it or who has tried it.

I have often thought about dropping my trading results into a program and having it analyse my targets and let me know if I took my targets off too early, and if so, how much longer should I have held the trades for.

This is not an easy exercise because you need to look at the time that you take your last partial off and then look at different time segments into the future to see what the high and low of each of those segments were to determine if there would a positive or negative excursion on your trade's results.

Then what do you do with all those results. You could add up all the 20 minute, 40 minute etc. excursions and see that if you had held your trades for that many more minutes then you would have gained or lost X more points.

This would also require that the software has an extensive data base of all of the prices for each instrument that you traded.