ES 3-19-18

as per June contract I have 54 - 56 and the 60.50 - 61 as key volume spots for overnight and mondays trade

EDIT : 8:35 Monday Morning........I'm throwing 2741.50 and 45.50 into my number mix for today
we'd have to see price get above and hold above 35.50 now for bulls to take back control...that is where volume is from todays developing session is
29.50 - 30 is new high volume area - vertical volume on lower scale
as long as we don't see any new high volume bars we should in theory come back AGAIN to test the 29 - 30 area
note how we saw new higher volume on the breakdown at now the same theory long as new high volume doesn't comein then they will come back up to test towards the 22....for me that means longs at 2717 and a bit lower....but be prepared to be wrong if you see a new high volume bar volume again at the 2715.......powerful stuff
if they can retake all this high volume at the 15 then we can have runners go try for that 22.....but the 15 is now key to me....longs from below working well to make up for last loss trying for that 22 volume
runners not finding last try for today is from 08.75 to see if I can get a 13.75 retest......but that will be it for me
look at the noon volume spike and then notice that all volume under that was lower and so far no new higher volume has come that 14- 15 still holds the key now and if buyers can win then it will be back to that 22 !
numbers as we move forward....not sure if these will come into play today but I am keeping them on my radar...not trading anymore so just posting these in case they go well with someones numbers

2700 - 2701


2714 - 2715


2729 - 2730
once again the new comer to the volume work should notice how volume did NOT increase when we tested under the 2700 on that last dip......there are certain nuances to volume trading and I wasn't trading....just pointing it out....if you had seen an increase in volume on that break then maybe, just maybe all the longs were covering and even lower prices would follow.........I don't want to imply that any of this is easy.....I'm just bringing the idea to your attention....buyers now want to see this to firm up above that 2706 number.....but so much seems to be in the way for any meaningful late day careful, I think it's best to wait till tomorrow morning.....good luck....seems to be another number at every 6 - 8 point increments