What to use for entering VERY LONG 1099B form into Form 8949 automatically?

I am a trader. When filing taxes, I used to use Turbotax to import my 1099 from the clearing firm.

This year is different for me. I have thousands of line entries in my 1099. This is beyond Turbotax's 2000 line limit. Also my trading amount (cost and proceed) is beyond it's $10M limit. When I tried to import 1099 as before, I got an error in Turbotax. I also tried the best version of HRBlock, same problem.

What software(s) do other traders use in cases like this?

At the minimum, I would like the software to have the following functions:
(1) Fill form 8948 automatically based on my 1099. I can not enter thousands of lines by hand.
(2) Allows me to file to IRS electronically. I don't want to print out 100s or possibly 1000s of pages and send it out to IRS.

Forgot to mention that, I decided to trust the 1099 form my broker gave me. I do not want to do any further calculation/correction. So probably software like tradelog is overkill. I just need a software to populate the 8949 form for me.

Also, the first thing pops up from a google search is this:

Has anyone tried it, is it a scam site? (Looks a bit to me...)