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MP Spoos April 5th

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Well you can't say that we haven't found value.

Somebody read a quote to me but unfortunately did not email it so I don't recall it exactly but it was along the lines that we haven't seen such a tight range like this in several decades. Something about last 10 or 21 days and compared it to the last time we saw this tight a range in the 70's.
I now have the trade up to trade no12 and mkt still in balance. I have s&p data back to its creation ie 1982 . in 1983 we spent roughly 34 weeks doing the same thing in 1985 14 weeks in 1986 roughly 42 weeks in 1991 roughly 34 weeks in 1992 38 weeks in 1994 42 weeks in 1996 13 weeks 1998 13 weeks in 1999 9 weeks in 2004 a slightly wider range but sonsolidation all the same for 40 odd weeks right now we have 3 weeks. so not sure exactly what the historian is referring to but willing to listen
I found the quote.
...slightly more than 99% of all days since 1950 have shown larger three-week ranges. We'd have to go back to October 1995 to find a lower range than today, then 1993, then all the way back to 1976...
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