ES 3-29-18

I'm looking at 2617 and 2612 in early trade......relatively small overnight range so far....we'll see if anything changes before rth opens

edit 8:53 ...some video and a hard copy of the key areas based on bell curve work
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

and the bell !!

lets hope it rings for us today
Click image for original size

If I had to pick one more spot above if we see a break from this bell then that would be at 2626 - 2627.50
and for kicks...........I need the rest of the band, a few more guitar overdubs and a pick so I don't have to use my finger to strum the quicker wonder they didn't play that one in concert too often
No video below? Try this link: babe_I'm_gonna_leave_you.swf

let see us build more time below the overnight high before thinking about the short side up here
biggest volume still sits at 24 - 25 breakout point today and all volume spikes have been lighter...I wouldn't be surprised to see us come back or that still