ES 4-2-18

I'm using 32- 33 and 38 area .....I'm wondering if that 24 - 25 breakout point will be tested soon....we never came back to test that volume the other day
if you find any long then current volume magnet would be up at 2591 - 2592....but first we need to escape all this volume at 2583
besides the ones mentioned above in last post the other volume areas that are above the market for me are 2608 - 2610 and 2616...that should be enough for now....bulls would have lots of work to do to take those area back today
wow...I just keep adding in new volume I've added in 2558 - 2559 and 2564 - 2565......

edit: I made a mistake on my volume thrust but don't want anyone to think I "cheated" . so when you look at your volume thrusts it really should have been up at 66 - 67....instead of the 64 - 65 I posted above....I know it's only a point off but it can make a difference !!