ES 4-4-18

Volume nodes are 2605.50 - 2607.50 and then we have a perfect example of multiple volume thrusts clumped together at 2591 - 2595 a big volume zone there

edit: 7:48 EST....with the china sell off I have refined my areas to 2579.50 and 2590 - 2591.....which goes well with at least part of the bigger area we defined last night...further down will be yesterdays lows at 73 - 74...then we have 2567.50 and 2561
I'm happy with the numbers as they are.......obviously we should all be real careful and cut back on size due to the increase in volatility......but you all know that !!....pitbull numbers are garbage when the volatility increases but the opening range can still be used for entries and a profit target method
good numbers today but the reason for this post is that in this volatility if a zone is 4 points or more wide then I am going to be using both areas.....for example I mentioned that big 91 - 95 zone in first post......well we should be looking at 91 and 95 as separate numbers/ areas instead of one big least that is how I am doing it...............and we also need to leave more wiggle room when volatility gets over blown.......OR trade still seems to be a great " go to trade" with minimal thinking !!!!
"OR trade still seems to be a great " go to trade" with minimal thinking !!"

i realized in the last two weeks how perfect this set up is for me..dam i think you mentioned this set up well over a year finally click for me..this is the only thing i am doing..mind you i am using cl market...on other note i have recover from my bone head mistake..i feel so sure of this set up that i am going to recover alot from life time loss in the market..started back in 87 after the crash.yup alot to gain back..
thanks for your posting and mike and others too..

take care
duck the no thinker..

ya i am pump. i just hope this dont go to my head.. stick to rules that work for you and don't over trade....don't be afraid to have a losing day....all part of the's when you start having losing weeks that turn into months that you are in trouble......discipline is the key....glad you are back on track.........don't try to make it better by overthinking it either....just do it and take the trades
Good job Duck, just stay the course!
Bruce, I have developed on option trade based on price action (weekly timeframe) that just crushes the Bittman if you're interested.