ES 4-5-18

I'm using 2673- 2675, 2666, 2658 - 2660, 2642.50 - 2644.50, 2638, 2628 - 2630 and 2620...that should be enough for now...we'll see where overnight volume falls

Edit : 9 a.m as to how I am refining...ran out of time so a part 2 is coming
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

sorry but just can't get my thoughts clearly together the end I wanted to show that volume that passed through the 2666 but also look at the low time at 2670 ( not mentioned in original numbers) which has high vertical volume ( the lower scale on your charts) with it....I would also get rid of the 73 and just use that 75 swing high in order to refine a bit more

so put 2666, 2670 and is a video of some of the stuff I was trying to finish from the first video........and no matter what Watch out for 2658.50 - 2660 !!

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_2.swf

a hard copy of my key areas today...

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here is how our lines did...I removed the overnight session for clarity....this is just day session up until about 12:20...unfortunately you'd have to watch some of the videos if you are confused as to why I drew them there
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