ES keep it simple 5-9-18

I've been busy training a friend in the we are framing it out like this.....using breaks of the first one minute range we will be targeting 2674.25 and 2670.50 on the downside and on the upside we will target 2680.50 and take the breaks until you hit your FIRST target and leave a runner on for additional stop trading as soon as you hit one of your targets ( core position comes off) most days you are done in the first 1/2 hour

keep in mind that you may have to stop and reverse so the most difficult part of this method are the entries....just go market and don't cry over a tic or two of slippage

any ?????'s
Did you take all 4 breaks?
no mike but I will comment as to how my "trainee" played it.....first trade was short....which went twice the OR and he pulled stop to midpoint of the OR bar to reduce risk.......he wasn't quick enough nor does he trade enough contracts to take something off at the twice the OR target ( mechanical method target) so he got stopped out .....but he did reverse on the longside and nailed the 80.50 target....he had no runners for two reasons....he is building up the account and he was nervous after the first minor loss.....then he stopped for the day
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Did you take all 4 breaks?