ES K.I.S.S 5-11-18

Here is a picture of the frame out for today....we have a bell curve to work with too.....don't be conflicted by too many lines.. we merely see where we open and then trade for the nearest ones based on a break of the OR high or low.....for example if we opened at the bell curve center of 2720 then we buy the high for the 2725 target and the 2728 target or sell the low for the 2616.50 ( open of Fridays overnight - no statistic on this) and the pivot at 2715.50 targets...not shown on here is the overnight high or low as there is still 40 minutes to RTH you need to know where those are right before the open......also if you can keep in mind the "double the OR range " target too...

normally I don't have all these lines snapped and can see the high and low time spots......and I Never keep text markings on my charts....they are only there for clarity of this post and key areas

picture taken from my demo account on TOS so it's kinda small
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frame out
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a quick update...depending how u took profits you would have had a great fake out long, one fake out down and then the good long to go get the probabilities of yesterdays high , the overnight high and the R1...

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