ES K.I.S.S 5-21-18

In early overnight trade we have the 2728.50 - 2730 as a magnet. The Sunday night open is there. For me I am using 2735 ( scale at 32 first as long as we can get at least 1.5 points off of the OR high) and 2725.50 as key TARGETS providing we can get a good entry.......I am concerned on the upside at last Thursdays high of 2732 so if the longside is to fail and have trouble then that would be the place

here is how the numbers look

2736 is R2 and overnight high

2724 - 2725 is R1 and overnight low is near here too

2732 is last Thursdays high which sold off from Monday's low time spot

The person I am training increase to 5 contracts today and I think it should be a good day considering we will open out of range and out of value from Friday
well if thursday and friday were challenging they certainly made up for it today........the person I am helping out is like a giddy little schoolgirl !!! Here we are at R2 so only the pigs would be trying to stay in here....the rest of us are done
so we took out the overnight high, some previous days range and a floor we need to trade for anything else ? I don't think so !! Look at the amount of time we spent in the market the last three days and divide by we haven't been in for too long and our time is wisely spent....what time was taken from us on Friday was given back to us today !!
Gotta love the days that zoom your way.

Is this the main method you are using now Bruce? I remember the days you were an inveterate fader-LOL