Trading indicators: Fundamental or Technical Analysis?

One of the key indicators for a successful Forex trade is by correctly predicting the upcoming price movement of a market.

There are various strategies that are used when trading. Some traders follow patterns and some follow the various news to guide them in their decision-making. But these strategies are still categorized if it uses technical analysis or fundamental analysis. Some traders use fundamental analysis, some use technical analysis, some even use a combination of both.

As a trader, it is important to know this two analysis. It can help bolster strategies which can further provide consistent profit for your account.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a methodology that forecasts the direction of market prices through the study of historical market data. It is one of the most common methods in trading. This analysis is very easy to learn and it is well-known to numerous traders especially those who prefer day-trading. Many people think this strategy is some sort of a trading hack because of its high probability to give profit.
Looking at tons of great indicators. Will test a few.
Which ones have you tested so far jmh?