Creating my trading business plan

Greetings to all,
Can any one here help me with tips to define my trading strategy ?
I am currently compiling my trading start-up business plan and when it comes to the strategy,
i don't have any clear idea on how to begin it.
Most of tutorials are very theoretical and technical for me to understand
Thanks for giving me ideas
The returns shown in the statistics of the trading systems are net of commissions, landslides, and net also of the license costs of the same ones charged by the developers.
HI, I just wrote a good summary for creating your own trading plan here
That is a very nice plan best of luck for your business.
Firstly, figure out what do you want to trade, then make some plans on how you are going to start it what are the necessary things you need.
Secondly, after you have a certain plan start making budget for it, and work on raising funds.

Once you have the plan and budget you will be able to start trading in a productive manner as everything will be clear to you, that how much money you want to invest where.

According to Anthony Constantinou (CWM FX), "Trading is just like a business. You have expenditure that has to be taken into account. You have to consider trading prices, tax, and even living costs if you trade full time.
i agree with you, Trading is like business.
It's a very risky business, I mean regarding trading. You must be a true expert to understand all these terms. I think that you must think twice before taking an action. Every action you take is properly a big risk. You can win or no!
this approach is very useful, because you always need to have a goal and a work plan, otherwise little will be obtained