Pivot point updates

It seems the pivot points are not being updated in a timely manner. Most are still on April 1, 2019 and RTY and ES are on April 2. They have not been updated.

I do care as its the only reason I joined my pivots is for the archive of the daily pivots in all the futures contracts for all the years.

More importantly, for day trading purposes, I use them to compare prior to the trading day. I day trade RTY and ES and sometimes CL.

It seems most if all members here do not care about these pivots, but I do.

I just want to know what's changed ( never in years happened before) to cause this upset.

Yes, it does bother me as I use this information like just in time.

Kindly update the RTY and ES pivots for April 4 ( close of April 3 trading day).

Thank you.
We have decided to end the Premium Subscription program at MyPivots as of 2/April/2019. As part of this the price pages (Daily Notes etc.) will stop updating for now. We may bring this back at some future point as a free service.

You should have received (or will receive) a cancelation of your subscription if you have a monthly subscription. You will also receive a prorated refund on the portion of your subscription or annual payment that you have not used. We hope to have all the refunds completed by 12/April/2019.

Thank you for your past support and best of luck with your future trading.
I miss the daily pivots also and use them daily.
If you cannot do it, do you know another website that does?
Me too! I have used them extensively in my trading, Any alternatives to this wonderful service??
Anybody know another website that provides similar data?
I do it manually now, Phil. A real pain but what can you do. You can use Barchart.com for EOD information.
open a think or swim ( td ameritrade) account and they will auto- magically appear on your charts...it's great..