How difficult about trade!

I don't know what should I do for my company. E-commerce is too hard.
Yeah, it'll be hard, but you can do it.
I'm not sure that if you find e-comm too difficult that trading is going to be better suited to you. What did you find most difficult?
Forex trading is accessible, exciting, educational and has many opportunities, but even so, many traders cannot achieve good results. In fact, more than 80% of Forex traders lose money. I started in a self-taught way, through the material of a course made by a friend of mine to whom I thank her generosity, because it cost a paste, to, after a while, realize how little it was worth. During all this time I have lived with my successes and my failures, my joys and my sorrows, but, do you know what I have always missed? The voice of an experienced trader who told me about his beginnings, his experiences, who gave me some advice, his words of encouragement. This trader is Rosario Carrasco Flores and I managed to learn enough to start, it also made me strengthen some of the knowledge and beliefs I already had, discover other forms of investment that I had not contemplated and, of course, strengthen the idea that the Trading and investments, well practiced, can give you many joys.
Are you asking what you should do for a career?
If e-comm is too difficult for you, I'm not sure trading will be easier.
What was difficult? The information/ The concepts? The amount of work you have to put in to make it successful?
Anything of value takes work. How can we help you, need more info...
Nothing is difficult. It will be tough for you until you get started. You can say Forex trading is hard when there is no resource for learning. You can educate yourself with basic skills and learn how trader become an Expert Forex Trader.
Why you said Trading is difficult? It will be if there is no resource for how to trade. Nothing is difficult just start with basic knowledge and boost up your skills to become successful trader.