ES magnet prices 5-13-19

Well, I wanted to stop back for a week to do a few posts so today will conclude that. I'm hoping to post some options trades in a new thread very soon...hopefully tomorrow

I think we have some good numbers coming into today

My major numbers/ zones are the following
2865 - 68 *****

2844 *****
2833.50 ***** I like this area for a retest this morning on a lower open then this price

EDIT: why I have my lines where I do

2826-2828 - key zone for faders to play at on long side


I'm putting out more numbers then most of us will use today. I will be picking from the ones closest to the opening price. For example, if we open at the 2826 - 2828 zone then my Ultimate targets would be the 2833.50 or the 2820 area. I'm hoping to edit this and get a chart out later.
Click image for original size
my final trade for today will be to see if I can find a way back to fill in and retest 2821.....interesting day as the opening range low did NOT take out the low from Friday so once we came back below the evil and powerful 2833 volume node we had to start thinking about that low
holding above 2818 right now should in theory go try for another test of Fridays lows
all the volume building at that 2818 and we have a low volume breakdown from Fridays low.......are bears getting tired? Hopefully that will bring us good luck to end this day
well there is the if you had a runner or two you might want to try and be pig to see if they can get it back to 2832....otherwise they will push it back to the warm safe haven of that volume at 2818...for me my last runner is gambling ( and from here it really is) for the 2832........hope this weekly mini- series gave some a few ideas....especially those who haven't been around here much....we can call all this "Target trading" with a bit of our old probabilities thrown floor trader number has hit yet either...FWIW