is it worth to buy oil on etoro now ?


i have question about buying oil on etoro. Is it worth to buy oil on etoro right now, because coronavirus ? I looked at oil price, it is cheapest since 2016. I don't know anything about day trading, i am just looking for shot term profit. It looks too easy, so i think there must be more to it. For example: how long you can be in possession of commodity, i have feeling, that you have to sell it after some time, not sure. Couldn't find how it is. I saw 83% buying now and only 17% selling. If i bought i don't know like 2500$ of oil now, than i can sell it later, because prices will go up for sure. But again i don't know anything about day trading and how it is, so i am asking, because it is not something you learn in a day... Is it worth and are there any risks currently ?
I don't think so. I think that oil is going to keep on going down.

There's an immediately reason why demand for oil will dip over the next couple of months which is because of reduced transport globally because of COVID-19. My opinion is that as people discover alternatives to the travel and commuting they used to do that trend will continue to some degree after the panic is over and this will keep the demand for oil low.