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Fibonacci extensions question

I know how to do your basic fib extension but certain situations have me confused. For example, say wave one is complete and I am looking for a target for wave 3. If wave 2 is a normal correction I Would set up my fib extension from swing low at wave 1’s start to swing high at end of wave 1 and then back down to the low at bottom of wave 1 but where I have trouble is if wave 2 is an expanded flat and the b wave of the correction passes the wave one top. Does the swing high stay at the end of wave 1 or does the b wave of the expanded flat correction become the new wave 1 top.

I have similar issues when finding the start of wave 1 after certain corrections. Say a major c wave ends and then corrects on a smaller timeframe with another abc or complex correction. Where should I actually start my wave count and starting point for my fib tool for the next wave 1. Do I start at the major wave c end or the smaller timeframe wave c or complex correction end? They don’t always line up. In running flats and expanded flats the short term correction can end above or below the major wave c end and the difference can be very significant.

I feel like this problem is very hard to write down clearly in words but it comes up very often and I always feel like my count is off. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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