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RSS Feed

You can get a popular and free RSS Reader from here:
To add an RSS Feed to your RSS Reader: Right click the RSS button or RSS link that you see and then select Copy Shortcut from the menu. The RSS Feed shortcut is now on the clipboard and you can paste it (using Ctrl+V) into the appropriate place in your RSS Reader.

Try it here:
Right click the link below and select Copy Shortcut (or Copy Link Location if you're using Firefox).

Now go to your RSS Reader and select the option to add new feed. (This is often a + icon.)

When it asks you for the URL or feed just hit Ctrl + V and this will place the feed for the forum into your RSS Reader. (Your RSS Reader may also have the prompts Atom, XML, or RSS when it asks for the URL or feed.

Now each time a new topic, or reply, is entered into the forum, you will see it in your RSS Reader.

If you have any questions or difficulties then just reply to this topic.
You will notice an button next to some of the forums.

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. If you have an RSS Reader then you can get new postings from this forum in your RSS Reader automatically.

To receive all forum posts in the RSS Reader then use this URL:

To receive posts for just one specific category then enter:
and repace the 1 with the category number you want to receive.

Otherwise if you want to receive the posts in just 1 or more forums then use the button in the forum description.

If you need more help with this or want me to create a list of category feeds then just post a reply to this topic.

Let me know how it works out for you.
Originally posted by guy

You will notice an button next to some of the forums.RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. If you

Judging from what you've wrote here, I don't think you understand anything about it.
Douglas672. Just a suggestion my friend. Rather than Criticise those that you consider "challenged" why not be contructive and offer an explanation and solution
for those not already aware of it or looking for a reader:

though, i don't exactly conceal my Google bias


btw: i've yet to try it out so ...

update: okay, i tried it and the (unsurprising) good news is that it is VERY easy to set up. the downside is that the formatting seems to come out oddly. and so far, the use is a bit quirky - to me, anyway.
That works very well - thanks for the heads up omni - I'm also a big Google Labs fan.

What does YMMV stand for?
you're very welcome. yup, yup Google Labs is too much, man, just too much. btw, i have JUST started toying aroung with and that looks like that will be pretty nifty as well. thx for the heads up on it.

oh, and YMMV:

Your Mileage May Vary

The great thing about is that each link has a social vote. i.e. you can see how many other people have bookmarked a page and get a feeling for how people like it. It also gives you the opportunity to look at other people's bookmarks and see what they find interesting or useful. So if you find someone who has also linked to the same page as you then you can quiz their other links. (You can of course choose not to share a link if you don't want other people to know that you look at a certain site - for example don't share your bank's web site because then people will know who you bank with and it will help identity thieves.)

This also makes you bookmarks/favorites portable from computer to computer but the downside is that is still a bit slow compared to your desktop's favorite menu. I'm sure things will improve though. Perhaps they'll develop a hybrid which sinks with your desktop and so gives you the local speed and also the advantages of online etc.
cool - google is my hero. now i must look at deliciosa
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