How to manage my Trade -Investment or Day/Swing Trade for max profit?

OK so I am in a a trade/investment for shares I own (not a spread bet or cfd) which is currently quite profitable with a strong but quite volatile upward trend but I cannot decide whether to :

a) take profits in smaller chunks along the way every day or so as the upward trend continues and allows i.e. cash in before the pullbacks and rebuy the the dips

- this may be difficult as I would have to be be able spot the interim tops before the pullbacks happen and the bottoms of the pullbacks. I am also having to pay the spread each time I move in and out of the market. This would take a lot of monitoring and time and I guess would turn me into a day/swing trader.


b) just leave the trade alone and ride the rollercoaster for a few years until I think it has reached the end of its long trerm upward trend. This may mean I do not make as much profit as I do not benefit in the extra profit made by buying the pullback dips but is easier to do - just sit back and wait?

c) a better option?

I would appreciate anybodys advice or opinion as it always tempting do a) grab the chuncks of profit along the way but I fear this may take more skill and actually result in a lower profits.

Your thoughts please thak you?
Think about where you would exit if the trade were to go back to the original purchase price. How would you feel about that? Would you still be able to get out at break-even or with a small profit? Are you able to calculate the probability of the trade going back to that?

Map out some extreme profit scenarios. Different profit levels if the trade continues to go in the positive direction. What are the probabilities of it reaching each level?

What are you planning on doing with the money once you take the profit? Will you continue to invest or will you buy something (like a house)? If the latter then that might help determine where you aim for your profit taking and probability calculations.

All of these are option B.

If you wanted to try and finesse the trade with more profits using option A then you need to do a lot of work to study those pullbacks and reasons for them. Do you have the time to do that?
Hey thanks for the feedback it helps me reflect on my trade.

I think option A) is just too much work and risk for me as I am not an advanced trader with lots of time to monitor this trade and I would probably get many pulllbacks wrong (note I can only go long as I am buying the shares and not cfds)

Option B) is probably the easier better option for me personally but I may take profits very 6 months or so just to lock them in rather than wait for a big payout after a few years.

I have not previously been an investor in equities and so it feels odd for me not to grab profits daily/weekly but other business activities in the future mean that my time for watching the trade and actively managing it will be limited so passive investing probably suits my circumstances.