Someone that daytrades your money?

Hello dear traders,

First of all, i apologize if my english is sometimes not perfect since english is not my main language.

I have a question regarding finding someone to trade for you.

Let's say that you managed to trade a capital of 200,000 dollars by yourself. Now you don't have the time anymore, but instead you want to invest the money in a daytrader that trades peoples money everyday for a procentual profit of the earnings. For example; Trader A trades money from 5 investors for a total of 1,000,000 dollars. Trader A make a 5%profit per day and takes a percentage of the profit for the work, and the investors split even on the rest (as of how much percentage of the total amount that they have invested).

How do you find such a trader? I would like to find someone who trades index with bull and bear. I live in Europe and can travel to meet traders.
I was recently talking to somebody who gave their money to a professional trader to do something similar to this except it was slightly longer term trading rather than day trading.

Over a 1 year period the professional trader managed to make 35% and I think that the S&P rose about 10% during that time period (these are rough number I remember) so he outperformed the market fairly well. The problem was that the professional trader took 30% as fees leaving this person with only 5%. His comment at the end of the day was that he wished he had just put the money in an index ETF like the SPY or VOO instead of with the professional as it would have been easier to manage and also would have made more.
Thank you for your reply!

How did he find the trader? Do you remember how much capital he put in?