The Crypto Day Trade Project Day 30:90

Hello guys I'm new to the forums and I'm excited to join the community, Im Kevin. My expressed goal is to rally support groups for frequent crypto day traders to open up online communications and even possibly meet each other if we are local. I have this wild imagination sometimes and enjoy entertaining ideas such as developing a decentralized trading center/hub for all of us to trade and manage funds together where we standardize strategy and employ our loved ones and provide for our families. Ive always wanted to buy my mother a really fast car, she deserves it. One day, Ma. One day. So without further comment I'll explain my most recent developements.

I've always heard that 90% of day traders lose 90% of their money in 90 days. My dad, my ma, my family, friends, warren buffets. blah blah. dave ramsey. So i have entailed on this journey to prove them all wrong. I work in the oilfield and recent economic impacts within the industry have left me with unbelievable amounts of free time. So Ive spent hundreds of hours gathering a few thousand data points over the last couple months to develope my own unique understanding of the crypto market without the influence of a college degree, university, or biased lense to see through for a foundation of understanding. The first month i researched and experimented with techniques for hours daily, not for real gains but to emulate real trades. I studied the market psychology, types of investors, habits, trends, and a few technical indicators. At the end of that first month I was confident that its time to take on the 90 day crypto day trade challenge for real.

With my strategy in place i made 72 trades over the next 30 days starting with $9000. I averaged 2.4 trades per day, but i only traded intermittently 15 of those 30 days with a real average of 4.8 trades per day. I made 67 successful trades out of the 72 total for a success rate of 93.05% averaging $30.30 profit per trade for 67 of 72 and $180.89 loss per trade for 5 of 72. Today December 28th 2020 marks that 30th day and so far im on track to keep increasing 12.5%/month. i began with $9000 and i turned it into $10125.40 over 30 days and 72 trades.

I plan on continuing to trade at this trajectory with a couple minor improvements and i will have another update on day 60:90 with hopefully another 100 trades under my belt and a success rate still as high or higher than 93.05%. If anyone is interested in what im doing to get these numbers and you want to track my progress send me your email or reach out to me. Im open to discuss my process and i will certainly be back with an update in 30 days. =)