Is the VNSMART platform reliable and is user privacy guaranteed?

VNSMART is a new type of securities trading docking platform created by a group of IT elites who have worked in well-known securities and financial technology companies.
They are fully aware of the shortcomings of current securities investment and asset transactions such as transparency, safety, success rate, and timeliness of funds.
VNSMART IT engineers use AI in the field of artificial intelligence and bluffing securities to know the use of a set of optimal trade settlement services, trading signals, quantitative automatic trading systems, and the use of artificial intelligence based on the history of human GDP growth in major economies in the past 50 years and The stock market performance model is to choose the Vietnamese stock market with the most economic potential growth. The comprehensive global market is a bridge connecting Hong Kong and the US stock market.
Registered in Singapore, VNSMART is a regulated financial technology company that does not directly contact customer funds. Pay particular attention to customer privacy. Committed to providing customers with safe, transparent, high-speed, and intelligent transactions, and working with government regulatory agencies to conduct safe supervision of every transaction.
To ensure transparency, VNSMART accepts any customer's transaction number query.
According to the 2020 anti-money laundering laws and regulations of the United States-regulatory and administrative enforcement and requirements for financial institutions and other designated enterprises.
For the safety of customer funds, relevant information needs to be uploaded for authentication, and the information uploaded by customers will be kept confidential. When the customer chooses to leave the platform, the account can be cancelled, and the information uploaded by the customer will be deleted without leaving a trace.
VNSMART is a legal financial institution supervised by all banks and the government. It abides by laws and regulations and protects the private information of every customer.