Trader from Hungary looking for Mentor or working strategy

Hello, I am a Hungarian trader from Budapest, I have been dealing with trading for a couple of years, but unfortunately I haven't managed to find a working strategy yet. That is why I am looking for a mentor, who could show me a working trading strategy to become a successfull trader.

Contact me if you see a possibility !
I recommend checking out this guy: <redacted>

His trading skill is unbelievable.
I lived near Kopsovar Hungary for 11 months several years ago and miss that amazing country!

Be careful with this as there are many "gurus" that have just started trading themselves. I spend $2600 a month on various training, one-on-one mentor, small group mentorship and trading psychologist. I have been trading for just over 17 years and I need all of these people to be consistently profitable.

Example: I encountered a leak (losses over time) that showed up statistically and it was unclear (to me) what was causing it and how to fix it. I sent data on every trade made from the account with the leak to my one-on-one mentor and asked him to go over the data and meet with me the following week with insights/solutions. My trading psychologist encouraged me to take a couple of weeks off until the root cause was addressed in order avoid breaking any other part of my trading plan/trading psychology.

After a week at the beach, I met with my mentor and he found that I was holding runners (open contracts with a stop but no defined profit targets) on ES futures contracts way too long and they often were stopped out after reaching very profitable levels. Based on the data he recommended that I manually move the stop up to 1/2 the profit after an active position moves 20 ES handles in my favor. This had a tremendous impact on the profitability of this trading plan and there is no way that I would have found the problem or a solution as effectively on my own.

Trading is tough and good (and real) mentors are both expensive and hard to find. Best of luck to you~! TexasCoffee
Hi there, I can help you if needed. Pls share your details