Market Data Problem


I am a newbie daytrader. I have a question about Market Data. Would it be a problem if I subscribe to Market Data from TradingView, instead of from my Broker(IBKR), that I am going to trade with. Will there be differences in the prices if I look at TradingView quotes and then trade on IBKR Platform? Should I stick with IBKR Market Data or can I use just TradingView Market Data(which is what I prefer but...) ?

Thank you!
If the two have quality data feeds then most of the time they will be the same and you won't notice the difference.

All (computer) systems have problems every now and then and these problems will cause data errors and latencies that are frequently beyond the control of the vendor. There are also network issues that may be between the vendor and the price source or between the vendor and you. These network issues rarely cause data errors but they can cause latency which may cause one of those to show late prices.

*latency = slowness in something - in this context a network or computer.
I agree with the point that sometimes you can really miss a difference that significantly affects the result.
It would be nice to find a source that would provide reliable facts.