ETFs one on one advisory services

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I Have an inquire I would like to ask , Which advisory company based in us does in-depth research & one on one advisory services on ETFs , I’m interested in buying a 2X 3x ETFs not sure how those ETFs would perform after 5 years from now , Where can I find a very reliable forecast on them

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I cannot advise you on a company. However, I know about some websites that publish articles about market outlook in terms of crypto, stocks, and provide insights about ETFs. These are: and When it comes to comparing ETFs yourself, you can use the tool "ETF screener" provided by

When it comes to personal experience, I have build web and mobile application that required the use of ready well-formatted ETFs and mutual data. Since I am developer, I prefer to get the data from financial data providers like tradefeeds and through ETF Holdings API and Mutual Funds API. Check them out here: an d