Margin Account


I am considering opening a margin account and have the required $25k to be a pattern day trader. I understand that I can borrow 4x my account (100k) daily, and I tend to focus on 2-3 stocks. I currently trade based on the 9/20ema strategy with momentum since the market is terrible and I lock what I can. I've learned that this is the safest method in managing what's going on now and will take 1-2% wins. I essentially buy and then short 4-6 times on each stock daily depending on how the stock is moving and I usually place 10-20 trades a day. I'm planning on using the maximum margin amount daily (25k cash and 75k on margin). I'm curious to see if others trade this high of an amount daily or if I'm just being completely crazy. It would mean that I essentially borrow ~19 million on margin (75k on margin for ~ 250 trading days) to earn 250K (assuming I make 1% off these trades) a year. Is this common among others who do this type of quick in/out daily trading? Are you borrowing this much daily?
Your risk should only ever be 1-2% of your equity. Use leverage appropriate to allow for that safely and no more.