Day Trading - Want to be my friend and engage in this mutual interest of ours?

Hey guys and gals,

I'm a day trading addict.

Here's what I am doing to pursue this career:

- Have been trading in sim 7 months

- Have been with real money for 14 months

- Currently back in sim to build strategy and prove to myself I can be profitable (great news, I have done it, I am profitable, I just need to learn not to trade when tired, and then I am ready for real moneyz!)

-Coming out of the sim in 1-4 weeks I expect

-Have a 'discipline mentor' who I meet weekly to help me

-Saved up sufficient $ and quite my job several months ago and do this full time

-Record all my trades with audio and upload them to a YT account for reviewing

Anyways, I trade US small caps mainly, and am looking for a homey or two who has the same fire for this game as I do, do build a nice lil mutual interest friendship.

Feel free to write me, im a cool brudda I would say ;)