ES 10-12-22

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globex action
Quote from IMF statement yesterday..." the worst is yet to come." ... Guess Europe has it worse than we do! My work says that if we break yesterdays high about 3642, that would be very bullish! Any break of 3579 would be bearish. just went short at 3609.50 as the 30 min has already reversed to a sell signal
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.. currently short ,hoping 3585 gives way ,then 3579 ,opening the door for lower prices
Covering my globex short here
wow, that makes up for yesterday! Short at 3609 from globex, and covered at 3590.50. As far as tomorrow goes, the last 2 cpi releases have resulted ina 4.3% decline in May and a 3.9% decline June 14th. Both had significant rallies start 2 days later!
I smell another short up here but i think i already missed it. Ticks are negative, but not really that bad ,hanging around -250
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cumulative ticks
The black avg of ticks stillhas not budged so the downside could be limited here, at least for now...
Finally some movement on the ticks heading toward -400. Normallly it would go to minus 600-650 before turning up for a stab at zero
The inability of the es to break below 3585, and the vix not going to -600 means the odds favor up for a while. Late in the day , however, worries about tomorrow will set in for a late day decline imo. So there might be a good short then
well we got our late day move down! Cant wait for tomorrow!