ES 11-1-22

Wow, One of the best Octobers in history!
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globex action
Now today is the day to really watch for a narrow range bar since we made a new rally high already. The avg 5 day range is 92 so by `narrow range ` i mean less than 92. For early today i will attempt to sell 3937.
buying here for a rebound
i missed the better play which was a short after the open, but i was hoping for 3937 (which is still possible later) . The big question is have we already started the expected decline from the forecast? No way to tell yet. Too early . on my long scalp, im just going to go for 15points . (if not stopped out!)
Long from 3874, going for 89. Ticks bounced off of the zero line( as they often do) and are heading up (plus 200)
They got me there, but im trying again at 3753
Ticks are really not doing too bad today , hanging just above zero almost all day. I`m ajusting my longscalp attempt to 3849 however
already hit at 3853.. will unload one at 3779
with todays seasonal, we should theoretically close above 3883, and make a new high (already done). willhold a runner for later
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ticks black avg

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fed decision impact
well i waited till close to 4 , then bailed on both longs. The fact that we couldnt get back to or close above 3883 is bearish imo. Tomorrow afternoon the real fun begins tho