1) It feels good that the first stock you ever invested in is a high pantomime. still, it isn't necessary that your first stock be a high return investment. It's further vital that you understand the basics and “ start ” your trip by investing in stocks. Once you get the experience and confidence, you'll surely invest in bigger and better avenues. still, your first investment should be towards literacy.

2) If you only suppose about" not losing," you'll noway win. Every investor loses some plutocrat in his investment history. Don't wince down from investing due to the fear of losing some plutocrat. noway be hysterical of small miscalculations, learn from them, and keep investing better.

3) Investing in stocks is a nonstop literacy process. nothing can be an expert on their first attempt. Only proposition and knowledge gained from news and papers can noway prepare you for the factual trading experience. Keep investing, and keep literacy. There will noway be a perfect situation, the moment you get used to a bullish request, it may turn bearish and vice versa. Keep yourself streamlined and keep taking pitfalls. That's the only way to earn good profit in stock trading.