ES Weekend Update 1-14-23

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Comments: The last couple of weeks have been tough for me ,trading wise. It is so difficult to post and trade at the same time. Im following 3 screens at once and find im missing a lot of good trades because when it hits a target because i may feel its going further, but once i post i feel obligated to you to enact it anyway. Combine this with trying to keep 6 kids in control and severe pain leading up to my recent surgery and all the covid related heart problems its been a bitch. Last week was actually a losing week for me and that doesn`t happen very often. Im not sure i should even post trades or not. But when i started doing it ,readership went up dramatically so i continue figuring a lot of you want it. My market analysis`s have been very good, but as ive stated before, im just an average trader. i take a lot of countertrend trades, that go against the indicators and analysis. I make money, but not a ton like i should if i was a better trader. And lately ive been hopped up on opioids and other meds causing me to trade impulsively , and too skittishly cause i don`t have enough time to properly analyze the trade. Anyway, i apologize for this and will try to do better for you. Hopefully you make up your own mind on trades and find the posts useful. IF you prefer me to change anything in my posts feel free to comment. I can take criticism. After all, its a public forum . Now a comment on the market. I look at a lot of very unusual things in my work that most probably laugh at . Like length of bars, cycles , or other weird stuff, but i think ive proven that my analysis are usually pretty good . I was one of only a handful of people on the net who said the 3500 low could be the end of the bear,or at minimum a huge intermediate term rally. Now that more and more people are beginning to see that (680 points later!) so a large decline is coming to wash them out. But it doesnt mean (if it happens at all) that the rally is done. Just normal market behavior. and as bullish as the charts are, a continued rally higher would not be surprising (i have a vix projection to 16 and were only at 18.35 so far) . So it could be fun! Sorry, just had to apologize and get this off my chest.
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holiday trading
More evidence that the previous bear market landscape of the last year might be beginning to change :
John Kicklighter
Impressive. $BTCUSD has crossed back above its 200-day SMA for the first time in 383 days. Through Saturday, first 7 day advance since March 29, 2022. Biggest 7-day rally (+24%) since October 26, 2021.
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I hope your surgery went well. Your posts are amazing. If you posting your trade entries is causing problems in your trading I think you should not post your trades. I would love to read your analysis everyday though. So thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
Thanks for the imput.The surgery went well thx. One more week of pain and recovery and everything should be fine. I will çontinue posts for a little while yet