ES Weekend update 5-13-23

To catch u up 2 speed: We are in a bull market since the October low. I have been tracking an a-b-c-d-e diagonal pattern for a long time. Wave E may or may or may not have completed.tho the longstanding target around 4286 has not been seen yet. It doesnt really matter much to shorter term traders. I want to know where we go for the next few days or week or so. So here we go. Seasonals and cycles ( including an expected Hurst cycle trough are expected in around 5-10 days . (22nd? 25th? ) . I have no idea how low. Depends on whether this is wave b of abc to complete E , or wave 2 of a 5 wave move up. There are however some key areas ive been watching. 4105-7.50, 4086, and 4082. Because of historical performance and seasonals i expect the low to be made in the next two weeks. My cycles say at top will be formed Mon or Tues. then down into Thurs . The calendar can be very useful. And of course i could be wrong about Enjoy
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may performance

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may calendar
2nd target is the 100 dma at 4062.75 and rising
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4 hr look
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the song remains the same
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very short term look
Eddy Elfenbein
For the 28th time in the last 31 days, the S&P 500 has closed within 1% of 4,130.