ES 6-16-23

Currently the market has simply continued to run this week, in bull market fashion. However , this wave 3 ends soon and wave 4 (a big one begins soon ). Its possible it runs to the July 4th holiday which it tends to do. But it could turn at any time now , so investors need to be careful .
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The stock market is right back to where it started when the Fed first started raising interest rates
Story by [email protected] (Phil Rosen) • 24m ago
I`ll be a seller at 4479.50 if it goes back there...
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the open
I`m short from 4479.50, looking to exit 10 points lower
stopped out at 5 points on each
Well. i didnt give up cause i relly want to play the short side .. i sold 4477.00 and exited one at 4469.00 for plus 8 and am holding a runner for 4466.00
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Whoop! There it is!..ended up taking 4466.50, though tho it may go to to 4463.25.