CBOT Financial Options Workshop

CBOT Financial Options Workshop

The CBOT will host a one-day Financial options workshop on 19 July 2006 with options author and speaker Jay Sorkin. The workshop will cover in detail a number of topics including the basics of options, fundamental properties of options, option pricing, and Financial option strategies.

About the Instructor
Jay Sorkin has spent nearly 30 years in the futures and options markets. Beginning in 1975, he was a market maker and Board Broker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, running the book for over a dozen New York Stock Exchange securities.

Moving to the Chicago Board of Trade in 1980, Mr. Sorkin was a trader and independent broker in the booming new 30-year Treasury bond futures pit. In 1982, he was instrumental in developing the fledgling 30-year T-bond options on futures markets at the CBOT into the most widely traded futures option contract, traveling throughout the United States and Europe speaking/teaching this new investment vehicle. Heading a group of 12 brokers in the 30-year T-bond and 10-year T-note pits, he executed millions of contracts and serviced virtually every major brokerage firm.

Over 20-year tenure at the Chicago Board of Trade, Mr. Sorkin served on virtually every major exchange committee, was elected to the Nominating Committee and was elected twice to the CBOT Board of Directors.

Mr. Sorkin has traveled extensively speaking on a wide variety of business related subjects including futures and options, trading derivatives, psychology of traders and markets, architectural structure of markets, complexity theory, and the evolution of business. Audiences included the World Bank, Federal National Mortgage Association, the Central Banks of Denmark and Norway, the Mortgage Bankers Association, exchanges in most developed nations, as well as most major banks and virtually every major Wall Street and City of London firm.

He is the author of the original CBOT Options Trading Course for professional traders, and numerous articles for professional magazines and journals on the futures and options market, market theory and economic trends. Work in progress includes a study of financial markets as complex adaptive systems using Chaos Theory applications. Formerly, Mr. Sorkin was the host of the nationally syndicated Business Talk Radio program, The Futures Exchange.

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