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Definition of 'Below-the-Line Advertising'

Below-the-line advertising (BTL) is a form of marketing that is not directly paid for by the advertiser. This type of advertising is often used to build brand awareness and generate leads. BTL advertising can take many forms, including:

* **Promotional items:** These items are given away to customers for free or at a discount. They can be used to promote a brand, product, or service.
* **Direct mail:** This type of advertising is sent directly to consumers' homes or businesses. It can include coupons, brochures, or other promotional materials.
* **Public relations:** This type of advertising is used to generate positive publicity for a brand or product. It can include press releases, media events, and sponsorships.
* **Online advertising:** This type of advertising is placed on websites, social media platforms, and other online channels. It can include display ads, search ads, and social media ads.

BTL advertising is often used to supplement above-the-line advertising (ATL). ATL advertising is paid for directly by the advertiser and is typically used to reach a large audience. BTL advertising is used to target a specific audience and generate leads.

BTL advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach a target audience. It can also be used to measure the results of the campaign more easily than ATL advertising. However, BTL advertising can be less effective at reaching a large audience.

Overall, BTL advertising is a valuable tool for marketers. It can be used to build brand awareness, generate leads, and measure the results of a campaign.

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