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Definition of 'Brown Bag Meeting'

A brown bag meeting is an informal meeting where participants bring their own lunch and eat while they discuss a topic. The term is thought to have originated in the 1950s, when companies began to offer brown bag lunches as a way to save money on food costs.

Brown bag meetings are often used for brainstorming sessions, problem-solving exercises, or team-building activities. They can be held in any location, but they are typically held in a conference room or other meeting space.

Brown bag meetings are a great way to get people together and generate new ideas. They are also a more relaxed and informal setting than traditional meetings, which can make it easier for people to participate and share their thoughts.

Here are some tips for hosting a successful brown bag meeting:

* Choose a topic that is relevant to the interests of your participants.
* Keep the meeting short and to the point.
* Encourage participation from everyone.
* Be prepared to facilitate the discussion.
* Follow up with the participants after the meeting to see if they have any additional ideas or questions.

Brown bag meetings can be a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They are a great way to get people together, generate new ideas, and solve problems.

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