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Definition of 'Chairman'

A chairman is the presiding officer of a board of directors, board of trustees, or other similar body. The chairman is responsible for leading the board's meetings and ensuring that the board's business is conducted in an orderly and efficient manner. The chairman also represents the board to the public and other stakeholders.

The chairman is typically elected by the board of directors. The chairman's term of office is typically one year, but it may be longer or shorter depending on the bylaws of the organization.

The chairman has a number of important duties and responsibilities, including:

* Presiding over board meetings
* Setting the agenda for board meetings
* Ensuring that board meetings are conducted in an orderly and efficient manner
* Representing the board to the public and other stakeholders
* Appointing committees and task forces
* Approving board policies and procedures
* Overseeing the implementation of board decisions

The chairman is a key figure in the governance of an organization. The chairman plays a vital role in ensuring that the board is effective and that the organization is managed in a responsible and ethical manner.

In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed above, the chairman may also have other duties, such as:

* Serving as the chief executive officer of the organization
* Developing and implementing strategic plans
* Managing the organization's finances
* Hiring and firing employees

The chairman is a powerful position and the person who holds this position has a great deal of influence over the organization. The chairman should be a person of integrity, experience, and leadership ability.

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