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Definition of 'Embezzlement'

Embezzlement is the act of stealing money or other valuables entrusted to one's care. It is a serious crime that can have significant financial and personal consequences.

There are many different ways to embezzle money. Some common methods include:

* Falsifying or altering financial records to make it appear that money has been spent on legitimate business expenses when it has not.
* Stealing cash from a company's cash register or safe.
* Diverting funds from a company's bank account to a personal account.
* Using a company credit card for personal purchases.

Embezzlement can be committed by employees at all levels of an organization, from the CEO to the mailroom clerk. It can also be committed by outside individuals, such as contractors or vendors.

The amount of money that is embezzled can vary greatly. Some cases involve only a few hundred dollars, while others involve millions of dollars. The size of the loss is not as important as the fact that embezzlement is a crime.

Embezzlement can have a devastating impact on a company. It can lead to financial losses, lost productivity, and damage to the company's reputation. In some cases, embezzlement can even lead to the collapse of a company.

The personal consequences of embezzlement can also be severe. Embezzlers can be fired from their jobs, fined, and even imprisoned. They may also have to repay the money that they stole.

If you suspect that someone is embezzling money from your company, it is important to take action immediately. You should report the suspected embezzlement to the appropriate authorities and begin an investigation.

Embezzlement is a serious crime that can have significant consequences. By taking steps to prevent and detect embezzlement, you can help protect your company from financial loss and damage to its reputation.

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