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Definition of 'Evergreen Funding'

Evergreen funding is a type of financing that allows a company to borrow money without having to repay the loan in full at any specific time. Instead, the company makes regular interest payments on the loan, and the principal balance is repaid gradually over time. This type of financing can be useful for companies that need to finance long-term projects or operations, but do not have the cash flow to repay a loan in full at any one time.

There are a few different ways to structure an evergreen funding arrangement. One common approach is for the company to issue a series of notes, each with a different maturity date. The company then uses the proceeds from the notes to finance its operations, and makes interest payments on the notes on a regular basis. When a note matures, the company can either repay the principal balance or issue a new note to replace it.

Another approach to evergreen funding is for the company to enter into a revolving credit agreement with a bank or other lender. Under a revolving credit agreement, the company has access to a certain amount of funds, which it can draw down as needed. The company then repays the funds as it generates cash flow, and can draw down additional funds as needed.

Evergreen funding can be a valuable tool for companies that need to finance long-term projects or operations. However, it is important to note that this type of financing can be more expensive than other types of financing, such as term loans. This is because the company will typically pay a higher interest rate on an evergreen loan than it would on a term loan. Additionally, evergreen loans often have shorter repayment terms than term loans, which can make them more difficult to repay.

Before deciding whether to use evergreen funding, a company should carefully consider its financial needs and its ability to repay the loan. If the company is not confident that it will be able to make the regular interest payments on the loan, or if it does not have a plan for repaying the principal balance, then evergreen funding may not be the best option.

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