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Definition of 'Flat'

In finance, the term "flat" can have a few different meanings.

* **Flat price:** A flat price is a price that does not include any additional fees or commissions. For example, a flat price for a stock might be $100 per share, with no additional fees or commissions charged by the broker.
* **Flat yield:** A flat yield is a yield that does not include any capital gains. For example, a flat yield on a bond might be 5%, with no additional capital gains included.
* **Flat trade:** A flat trade is a trade in which no money changes hands. For example, a trader might sell 100 shares of stock short and then buy them back at the same price, resulting in a flat trade.

In addition to these specific meanings, the term "flat" can also be used in a more general sense to describe a situation in which there is no change or movement. For example, a stock market that is flat is one in which the prices of stocks are not rising or falling.

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