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Definition of 'ICSC-Goldman Store Sales'

The ICSC is the International Council of Shopping Centers and Goldman refers to Goldman Sachs. Every week, the ICSC publishes comparable store sales at major retail chains.

Due to the frequency of its publication, weekly, the ICSC Goldman index provides more up-to-date information than other comparable indexes. You have probably noticed that around the end of the year when shopping and spending is at its highest you will have seen this index mentioned on the news on a daily basis. This is because stores make most of their profits around this time of the year and this is a good indication of how the economy is doing and is frequently a leading indicator.

Growing store sales means growing profits for companies so this is a closely watched index by pundits who are forecasting stock market direction. For the bond players this figure is important in determining inflation and its impact on yields.

The ICSC-Goldman Sachs store sales series previously was known as ICSC-UBS before Goldman Sach's involvement with ICSC. The name change took place with the September 30, 2008 release.

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