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Definition of 'Gatekeeper'

A gatekeeper is a person or entity that controls access to something. In the financial world, gatekeepers can be individuals or institutions that have the power to approve or deny access to financial products or services.

Gatekeepers can play a significant role in the financial system, as they can influence who is able to get loans, invest in certain products, or even start their own businesses. In some cases, gatekeepers may also be able to influence the terms of financial products or services, such as the interest rates on loans or the fees charged for investments.

The role of gatekeepers in the financial system has been the subject of debate in recent years. Some critics argue that gatekeepers have too much power and that they can use their position to discriminate against certain groups of people. Others argue that gatekeepers play an important role in protecting consumers from financial fraud and abuse.

The debate over the role of gatekeepers in the financial system is likely to continue for some time. However, there is no doubt that gatekeepers play a significant role in the way the financial system works.

Here are some examples of gatekeepers in the financial world:

* Banks: Banks are gatekeepers to credit, as they decide who is eligible for loans and what interest rates they will charge.
* Credit bureaus: Credit bureaus are gatekeepers to credit scores, which are used by lenders to determine who is eligible for loans.
* Insurance companies: Insurance companies are gatekeepers to insurance, as they decide who is eligible for coverage and what premiums they will charge.
* Securities regulators: Securities regulators are gatekeepers to the securities markets, as they regulate who can trade securities and what types of securities can be traded.

Gatekeepers can have a significant impact on the financial lives of individuals and businesses. By understanding the role of gatekeepers, you can make informed decisions about your financial choices and protect yourself from financial fraud and abuse.

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