Durable Goods Orders

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Definition of 'Durable Goods Orders'

This is a measure of hard goods the have been ordered from domestic manufactures for current and future deliveries. This figure excludes orders on semiconductor material. An order is defined as any order that is legally binding and is for immediate or future delivery.

The North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) is used in the reporting of these figures

The stock market will fall when durable goods orders are weak and rally when they are strong.

This figure is released monthly by the Bureau of the Census, United States Department of Commerce and is usually available during the fourth week of the month. The data release in the report is for the previous month. The figures are usually revised twice after their initial release.

The Factory Orders report usually follows the Durable Good Orders report by a week. The Durable Goods Orders report makes up more than 50% of the Factor Orders report.

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