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Green technology, also known as clean technology or environmental technology, is the application of environmentally sound practices and technologies to reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. Green technology can be used to reduce pollution, conserve energy, and develop renewable energy sources.

Green technology is a rapidly growing field, with new innovations being developed all the time. Some of the most common green technologies include:

* Solar energy
* Wind energy
* Hydropower
* Biofuels
* Electric vehicles
* Energy-efficient appliances
* Green building

Green technology can have a significant positive impact on the environment. For example, solar energy can help to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while wind energy can help to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Green technology can also help to save businesses and consumers money on their energy bills.

There are a number of financial incentives available for businesses and individuals who invest in green technology. These incentives can include tax breaks, rebates, and loans. In addition, many governments are providing funding for green technology research and development.

Green technology is a key part of the transition to a sustainable future. By investing in green technology, we can help to reduce our impact on the environment, save money, and create jobs.

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

* [The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy](
* [The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy](
* [The World Wildlife Fund's Green Technology Initiative](

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