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Definition of 'Employment Situation'

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) at the United States Department of Labor issue the Employment Situation figures on the first Friday of the month. The data when issued is for the prior month.

There are two surveys that makeup this report:
  1. Household Survey (of 60,000 households)
    • Unemployment rate
    • Labor supply
    • Discouraged workers
  2. Establishment Survey (of 400,000 businesses)
    • Nonfarm payroll
If the figures for the Employment Situation are not in the consensus range then we can expect a quick and rapid movement in the market. This report is the most influential report that is released to the market and includes more information about the current health of the economy than any other economic report.

A weakness in the employment situation will usually cause the bond market to rally (anticipation of lower interest rates) and the stock market to fall. The opposite is true of strength in the employment situation.

This report is also sometimes called the NFP report which stands for Non Farm Payroll.

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