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The Haas School of Business is the business school of the University of California, Berkeley. It was founded in 1898 as the College of Commerce, and was renamed in 1959 after Walter A. Haas, Sr., a prominent San Francisco businessman and philanthropist.

The Haas School offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs in business administration. The school's undergraduate program is ranked among the top 10 in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. The school's graduate programs are also highly ranked, with the MBA program ranked 10th in the world by the Financial Times.

The Haas School is known for its focus on social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The school's curriculum emphasizes the importance of ethical decision-making and social impact in business. The school also has a strong entrepreneurial culture, and many of its graduates go on to start their own businesses.

The Haas School is located in Berkeley, California, a city that is known for its progressive politics and vibrant culture. The school is situated on the University of California, Berkeley campus, which is one of the largest and most prestigious public universities in the United States.

The Haas School is a top-ranked business school with a strong focus on social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The school's alumni have gone on to become successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and social activists.

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