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Definition of 'Bagger'

The term Bagger was originally made popular by Peter Lynch in his book One up on Wall Street.

A "bagger" refers to the number of times over you make your money back. A twenty bagger for example would mean that you make twenty times your original investment on a stock. So if you have invested $5 in the stock then it would have risen to $100 in order for you to make a twenty-bagger.

In a financial context, the most popular "bagger" phrase that Peter Lynch coined was the phrase "ten bagger.". This refers to an investment which is worth ten times its original purchase price and comes from baseball where "bags" or "bases" that a runner reaches are the measure of the success of a play. A "two bagger" would be a double, so by extension, two home runs and a double would be a "ten bagger".

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