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Definition of 'Holding Company Depository Receipt (HOLDR)'

A Holding Company Depository Receipt (HOLDR) is a type of security that represents an interest in a holding company. Holding companies are companies that own other companies. HOLDRs are typically issued by investment banks and are designed to give investors exposure to the performance of a holding company without having to buy shares in each of the underlying companies.

HOLDRs can be traded on the stock market, and their price will typically reflect the performance of the underlying holding company. However, HOLDRs can also be subject to additional fees, such as management fees and custody fees.

HOLDRs can be a good way for investors to gain exposure to a holding company without having to buy shares in each of the underlying companies. However, investors should be aware of the fees associated with HOLDRs and should carefully consider the risks before investing.

Here are some additional details about HOLDRs:

* HOLDRs are typically issued in units of 100 shares.
* HOLDRs can be redeemed for shares in the underlying holding company.
* HOLDRs can be used to create exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
* HOLDRs are subject to the same regulations as other securities.

If you are considering investing in HOLDRs, it is important to speak with a financial advisor to learn more about the risks and rewards involved.

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