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Definition of 'Horizontal Acquisition'

A horizontal acquisition is a type of merger or acquisition in which two companies in the same industry combine to form a larger company. This type of acquisition is often done to increase market share, reduce competition, or gain access to new markets.

There are a number of reasons why companies might choose to pursue a horizontal acquisition. One reason is to increase market share. By combining with another company in the same industry, the acquiring company can gain a larger share of the market and become more competitive. This can lead to increased profits and growth.

Another reason for a horizontal acquisition is to reduce competition. By combining with a competitor, the acquiring company can eliminate one of its rivals and gain a larger share of the market. This can make it more difficult for other companies to compete, which can lead to higher prices and lower profits for consumers.

Finally, horizontal acquisitions can be used to gain access to new markets. By combining with a company that has operations in a new market, the acquiring company can gain access to that market without having to build its own operations from the ground up. This can be a faster and more efficient way to enter a new market.

There are a number of risks associated with horizontal acquisitions. One risk is that the two companies may not be able to integrate their operations effectively. This can lead to duplication of costs, inefficiencies, and lost productivity. Another risk is that the acquiring company may overpay for the target company. This can lead to financial problems for the acquiring company.

Overall, horizontal acquisitions can be a good way for companies to grow and increase their profitability. However, there are a number of risks associated with this type of acquisition, and companies should carefully consider all of the risks before making a decision.

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